Flooding in Cordoba, Argentina

Seven people have been found dead and many are still evacuated from their homes. Search for missing people is still underway as the clean up continues from the storm that flooded most of the Sierras Chicas of Cordoba, Argentina.


Cordoba received 110 mm of rain, the airport area 190 mm and the Sierras Chicas received 300 mm, said governor of Cordoba, Jose Manuel de la Sota to the local newspaper La Voz del Interior.

Government explained there was no way to predict the amount of rain that fell yesterday in Cordoba. Over 100 people are still evacuated from their homes and some are still without electricity and water as over 400 firefighters continue to help in the affected areas.

Family members from Cordoba said bridges were closed and cars were being carried away by the current. Some house in Villa Allende had close to 15 cm of water, explained local residents.

Locals took to social media to communicate expressing concern and advise on how to survive the flooding.

Flooding in Argentina - Picture from Facebook
“We are listening to the car radio. They are recommending people to stay in high places. Firefighters from other areas are being mobilized. There are places that cannot be accessed by car. Do not transit to avoid getting in the way of the civil defence, firefighters, etc.”
Flooding in Argentina - Picture from Facebook
This image circulate Facebook asking people who were not affected by the rain to please help. “The situation in Villa Allende is critical, we need: Candles, blankets, water (a lot), clothing, cooked food, tea, sugar.” It also specifies the location of a shelter for those who could get to it. “There is no electricity, water or gas.”

Three days of mourning have been declared do to the lives lost. No stores will be opened during this time. The clean up still continues.

Images were retrieved from Facebook contacts.



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