Rain Continues in Affected Areas of Argentina

Cordoba is still under a weather alert issued by the National Weather Service (Servicio Meteorológico Nacional). Residents are being ask to refrain from returning to their homes specially if their houses or shops were affected by the Sunday storm.

The damage continues to be assed and cleaned up. Residents who were not affected by the storm have taken it upon themselves to help those whose house were destroyed.

Some house received 80 cm of water, while others were forced to climb to their roofs.

The Provincial government of Cordoba has a created an emergency fund of $150 million pesos ($21,477,135 Canadian) to help those in need.

Governor of Cordoba, Jose de la Sota, met with the mayors of the affected cities to establish the emergency funding. He explain that it will be used to create an emergency committee in each district. The monetary assistant will be divided among three groups: those who need appliances will receive money; store owners whose buildings need repair will receive compensation; and those whose houses and stores have been completely destroyed will receive building supplies from the provincial government as well as a place to stay for six months.


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