Shop without leaving your car

Plazas throughout Ontario have become part of Smart Centres. You may have noticed them by the Penguin statues located at the entrance of the plaza. Some of these plazas are part of Penguin pick-up.

You can now shop online and pick up your purchase without getting out of your car. In an attempt to lure online shoppers back to the store, penguin pick-up has partner with retailers to accommodate customers and stores.


You shop online from any retailer, you choose a penguin pick-up to ship to and you pick it up whenever you want.

Open daily from 7am-11pm, and best of all it has a drive up service so you don’t have to leave your car. Currently there are three locations open: Eglinton & Warden in Scarborough, Lawrence & Keele in Toronto and Highway 7 & Edgeley in Vaughn. There are plans to add more of this service in other smart centre plazas. There is one opening soon in Oakville.

To pick-up your order you will need to present a penguin pick-up ID that is generated when you place the order. There are size restrictions on the package that can be delivered to these locations and they do not accept perishable foods or animals.

When you shop online at any store select a penguin pick-up location to have the package deliver to. The following retailers provide a penguin pick-up option right on their website: Walmart, Toys R Us, Style Democracy,, Beyond the Rack and Babyrama.

Do you think this is something you would use?

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