Queen’s Plate 2015

What a fancy affair.  Toronto plays host the prestige Queen’s Plate.

11709399_10153350506692631_1511829662625866177_nI have had the opportunity to attend the event twice. As a horse lover, it is truly a cool experience to see these animals complete extremely long races in under a minute. I just love seeing the animals and the whole ambience of everyone cheering for their favourite.

So let me tell you how the day goes. The first time I was there I knew everyone would be dolled up wearing big fancy hats. But it’s one thing to imagine it and it’s another to actually see it. It feels like something out of a movie.

When you arrive, there is a fenced in area in front of the main entrance of Woodbine racetrack. Tents are set up throughout this area where you can purchase drinks, food, lounge around and purchase things from vendors. There is also a band, a TV broadcasting the races and electronic machines for betting. It is a very inviting atmosphere. In this area they also walk around the horses before the race.

Or you can go inside and stand by the track. This area gets very crowded but you are as close as you can get to the race. For those who don’t like standing you can purchase tickets to sit at the bleachers. Even though this is a an important event where the winning horse and jockey get bragging rights but also a million dollars, the seat tickets are fairly priced. I have sat in the highest section for $20 and just two sections above the rich people for $35. Both of these give you a great view of the race as you can see the whole track.

There are about 15 races in the day. They start at 12 and are every half hour. This gives you enough time between races to get up purchase something to eat or drink, go to the bathroom, make a bet and come back to your seat with time to spear. The main event, Queen’s Plate race, usually takes place around 5pm. So you could just show up for the real deal.

If you are in Ontario and  have the chance to go, I would recommend it. It is a fun day out with friends and family. You get to dress up, watch a show and probably make some money.

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