New Year’s in the Heat

Free all you can eat and drink, dancing every night, staying up as late as you want, sleeping in everyday, nightly live entertainment, no responsibilities, no worries, complete relaxation. These are just some of the reasons why you should spend at least one New Year’s at an all inclusive resort. The best part? It’s not a one night celebration, the party goes on all week.

I was lucky enough to spend New Year’s at the Moon Palace resort in Cancun Mexico. Thanks to my part-time job I was able to go for free 🙂 It was AMAZING!

The resort was beautiful. It had 3 lobbies and they provided a bus to take you from lobby to lobby. It was huge. There were restaurants everywhere you looked. I spent a week there and I don’t think I even went to half of the restaurants.

new year's cancun mexico 2015

Mini putting, a water slide, and bicycles where just a few of the things you could do. The best part of it all? They had a wave pool!! Best decision ever to try it out. I’ve never surfed and I hear it is a workout. So I did the easy thing and tried it in a pool. One of the people I was on the trip with told me that when you fall  the wave takes you up to the top, your bathing suit doesn’t necessarily stay on. So I took the precaution of wearing shorts. As the instructor set me up on the board and slowly helped me into the wave I started to question how great of an idea this was. I did alright. But since I didn’t know how to turn I ended up getting stuck and when I tried to shimmy my way back into the wave  I face planted and lost my top. My nose hurt for a day.

By one of the pools they had a bar with part of it surrounded by swings. It was fun but swinging and drinking don’t really mix.

new year's cancun mexico 2015

Because it was 3 resorts together they would all do their nightly entertainment at the same time. So you had to choose which you wanted to see. All of the shows I got a chance to see were great- including karaoke.

new year's cancun mexico 2015

I have a pool at home so when I travel to warm places I am all about the beach. Unfortunately, our resort did not have the best beach. The sand was beautiful, but a lot of seaweed builded up in the water. In the morning you would see trucks cleaning up the beach and hauling away the debris. But the water was also very rocky, so even the parts that were clean were not inviting. What was fun on the beach were the night beach parties, the comfy couches and the nets set up for volleyball and soccer.

For a nice beach to swim at, the hotel had two sister locations in Cancun to which they provided a free bus ride to. One is an adult only resort which is very quiet with an infinity pool. Very nice place. The other was located further into the Cancun strip. This one has a huge pool, a rooftop pool and bar (which was amazing), a busy beach (which was nice to swim in) and was close to a shopping area.

There was a lot to do in Mexico. New Year’s itself was a great time. The hotel had set up an extravagant dinner and show, which for such an upscale resort could have been better. But non the less, spending New Year’s in the Caribbean is a must.

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