Verona – Italy

An overcast town awaited our first stop of our grade 12 Euro trip. On and off rain in what seemed to be a very colourful town ended up being Verona the city of love. 
I’m not sure if it is actually the city of love, but I call it that because of what they have there. The famous balcony that inspired Shakespeare to write Romeo and Juliet.
Unfortunately, I did not have an umbrella in my carry on like my class mates – I didn’t realize it was permitted – so I spent the day a little muggy.

We walked through a courtyard displayed with vendors selling delicious food and unique souvenirs. Despite the weather this seemed like the place to be as it was filled with movement and excitement.

A short walk from where we had been dropped off, we reached an alleyway filled with people staring at a wall of graffiti. On the other side of the alley laid the courtyard of a house with Juliet’s balcony and a sculpture of her. The wall of graffiti is based on a myth that if you write your name and your lovers name you will be granted eternal love – I wrote our names down and we had a bad breakup, I’m unsure how magical that wall was, after all Romeo and Juliet was a tragedy.

The balcony itself is quite intricate. An elegant design that screams Elizabethan era.  you can apparently go onto the balcony – for a price.

When you enter into the courtyard, a human size, bronze statue of Juliet greets you. They say it is good luck to touch her breast…

It is quite a nice town with its own large colosseum. I only got a chance to explore Verona for a few hours. I think that was more than enough, it definitely left an impression. Much like Pisa it is a town you visit along with another.

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