How I Started 2017: Realizing I’m Closer to 30

It is currently 1pm on January 1, 2017 and I can’t help but reflect on how different it is to spend new years outside of your “home” country.

I decided to finish 2016 in Argentina visiting my family that I have not seen in 2 and ½ years. It is and was a great idea.

For those who have never spent the holidays in a Latin American country here is some key information to prepare you:

  1. You will be sweating all day on December 31st as if it truly were the last day on Earth. It reached 40 degrees Celsius in Cordoba Argentina – plus thermal sensation.
  2. You will need to take a siesta to keep up with the locals
  3. You will not be having dinner before 10pm
  4. You will be spending the first hour of the new year (i.e. from 12pm to 1am) with family ringing in the new year
  5. You will gather all the energy you gained in your siesta to go out with friends at 2:30am
  6. You will not get home until after 5 in the morning

If this sounds like a great time to you – which it is – then you need to plan new years in the south.

Here is a run down of my last day in 2016 and my first day of 2017:

I started my last day of 2016 sweating do to the 40-degree weather. So clearly breakfast was followed by a dip in the pool. Sadly it was a short 20 minutes since the scorching sun wouldn’t allow you to be outside longer than that.

From here we had to start prepping for New Years dinner as it was already 3 in the afternoon. As the temperature decided not to fluctuate at all we made a trip in a very air conditioned car to a friends pool. Where we all continued to sweat together.

We didn’t make it to my grandparents for dinner until 9pm. And I was okay with that because it is so hot that you have no appetite for anything – and I love to eat.

After dinner we sat outside and rang in the New Year with some bubbly. We then indulged in a delicious chocolate cake and continued the first day of 2017 together until 1:30am.

It is now officially time to say goodbye to the family and start thinking of your “official” NYE celebration.

We headed straight to an outdoor club next to a lagoon. My first thought was “aren’t there going to be a lot of mosquitoes” and I quickly felt like I was 40 years old.

My 21 year old cousin told me the cool thing to do is to arrive to the place at around 3am and everyone pre-drinks and parties at their cars until 5am. I was not prepared for all the standing around we did just waiting for people to show up. Like hello? Why are you just getting here at 5am?? It is now 6hrs past my bedtime and we haven’t even entered the club.

At least the place was really cool. The dance floor – clear patch of dirt – was decorated with beautiful lights and lanterns with about 4 bars all around the perimeter.

Designated drivers are given free pop all night so that is all we had in there since we were already drunk.

After an hour of being mind numbed with electronic music I just couldn’t take it anymore and my brother, his gf and I left.

We were 100 percent heading up stream. The hundreds of people trying to get in was unbelievable. Once we made it to the car and started to drive out it was like trying to play grand theft auto without injuring anyone. People were so drunk that they didn’t even realize there was a car right in front of them about to run them over.

It is then I realized that at 25 years old I am closer to feeling like a 30 something than a 20 something.


But hey. I have had an amazing 2016 with a lot of new adventures taking me both to new places and pushing me outside my comfort zone.

I have no big trips planned for 2017 – aside from Argentina – but I am extremely excited for the new adventures that are heading my way.

2016 without doubt was an amazing year of growth and I can’t wait to grow even more in 2017.

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