2016 was a year filled with travel and I have been completely forgetting to share my experience. How rude!

I have been to Jamaica, Greece and Spain. All places I’ve never explored before and they are all beautiful.

Today I am going to tell you about my experience in Jamaica. It is a place I never thought about visiting for a few reasons. 1) It is one of the more expensive places in the Caribbean 2) negative comments about safety 3) ignorance. So when my boyfriend and I were invited to go to a weeding in Jamaica, we couldn’t say no.

Don’t regret my decision AT ALL.

What a beautiful place, with great people who call it home. There was not one local that wasn’t friendly to us. I didn’t leave the resort so only got a small glimpse of what the people and country is like but it was great none the less. I’ve been to Dominican Republic and had security armed with rifles patrolling the beach, so this was definitely a calmer feel.

The wedding, and the hotel we stayed at, was The Grand Bahia Principe (Montego Bay). The place was beautiful with a lot of food options, different beach locations, pools, and a great animation team.  On top of one of the buildings (the resort was on a small hill), there were souvenir stores that were open during the day and at night the disco, the karaoke bar and the billiard & slot machine bar would come to life. It is a hotel designed for all types of travellers.


Another plus to the place, they had friendly cats roaming everywhere and  I tried to feed all of them lol

So let’s talk about the reason we even went to Jamaica, The Wedding.  The beautiful bride and groom got married on a Gazebo that stretched over the ocean. So they literally got married on the ocean and the pictures look beautiful.  They also had a band and a mini bar for after the vows so we could all immediately toast to the couple. It was stunning.


I would say my favourite thing about the trip, aside from how friendly the staff and even the other guest were, was the amazing Jamaican Patties.IMG_4829

The patties were great but it was more about the experience then the actual food. These 3 Rastafarians would row their raft (sticks tide together) to a spot on the water about 5 feet from the shore of the beach. On the raft, they had a small BBQ and a microwave. I’ll give you a moment to picture that…………. I figure now you have realized this meant you had to swim out to them to get your patty, and you are right. Holding our dollars above our heads we would swim through the cloud of weed smoke and reach the raft. I don’t know if they were amazing because you got high just waiting for them to give it to you, but I recommend you at least try one.

Aside from the wedding the only other thing we did outside of the common all inclusive activities was an excursion. From the many they offered, we decided to go to Dun River Falls. A bus picks you up from the hotel and takes you directly to the falls. You then get placed in a group and literally start to climb up the falls stopping along the way to fall backwards into small pools, and slide down rocks. It was beautiful to see, but the amount of people there was not worth it. What I would recommend is going on your own, you get to experience the falls at your own speed and there is a gorgeous beach at the bottom to spend the day sunbathing and eating Jamaican food.


The hotel was amazing, the flight company not so much. If you can avoid travelling with Air Transat I highly recommend it.

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