4 Things To Do in Minca Colombia

When I was in Cartagena I stumbled onto this town called Minca.

I use the word stumble loosely as this place was 5 hours away from the city of Cartagena. But I only heard about it from another backpacker.

Anyways, it is a small mountain town. Or as I refer to it a hippy town. The coffee shop I went into when I first got there had no doors on the bathroom. You feel me?

It is a very unique place to visit, if you have the time to do so. It allows you to see a different side of Cartagena.

So why should you go to Minca?

Well here are some things you can experience there:

Swim at the Pozo Azul – Go swimming in a natural river filled with waterfall. Many locals and tourist go to Pozo Azul for a swim.

The pathway is located next to a convenience store/house thing. And it is not a short walk.  Be prepared. 

Visit a Coffee Farm – La Victoria is the coffee farm you can visit in Minca. You can do a tour of the facility, learn how they process the beans and even try the coffee. The beans from this farm are purchased by companies throughout the world and mixed with other beans to create their unique coffees. However, you can purchase the pure coffee beans right from the farm.

Ride a Motorcycles – Ever been on a motorcycle? Well Minca is a huge mountain and the best way to travel is by bike. You will be approached by a lot of people on motorcycles offering you a ride. TAKE IT! Locals will tell you things are walking distance, but it’s a lie. The only thing you can walk to is Pozo Azul, anything else will take you an eternity to get to. 

Check Out the Views – Benefit of being on top of a mountain? The views. Hike to Los Pinos to watch the sun set. It is a stunning view. If you are staying in Minca the hostel Casa Elemento has massive hammocks you can watch the view from. I think these pictures speak for themselves.

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