5 Reasons to Use a Tour Company for Your First European Adventure

Dreaming of a trip to Europe? Not sure how to get started on planning your trip? No worries, there’s not much to think about beyond packing if you do your trip with a tour company.

I won’t lie that it’s a pricy option, but if you have pinned locations all over Europe to your Pinterest board, then this will be the simplest and cheapest way to make your dreams a reality.

Not convinced? Here are 5 tips that may make you change your mind:

  1. If you are travelling solo or just like to mingle with strangers from all over the world, then a tour group will get you meeting people. Everyone is in the same situation as you – looking to explore the world. So travelling solo won’t feel lonely.
  2. As a first time traveller to Europe, you may be wanting to see every place possible. If that’s the case, then a tour is a perfect option. You get to see a little bit of a lot of different places. This gives you the opportunity to get your feet wet by seeing all the different cultures and history. You can then choose your favourite places and plan a lengthier trip to see just the places you fell in love with.
  3. Who has the time to plan out a 2 week + Europe trip to see 7 countries? Well, with a tour you just tag along for the ride. Some tour options have a 1 night stay minimum in each country while others have a 2 night minimum in each location. Choose what works best for your time off and sleep schedule. The quick night stays mean late nights and early mornings.
  4. It includes a lot in a set price. When you calculate that your 574675_10151663965707631_1045707165_ntransportation between countries is covered, 70% of your meals are included, your accommodation is pre booked and some of your excursions are part of the total price, how could you say it’s not worth it?
  5. Knowledgeable tour guide. At every city you will have your tour guide with you who has gone through an extensive training session to learn the history and culture of each location. You don’t have to book an individual tour at each location.


  • Long bus rides. They are great if you are hungover and want to sleep, but otherwise not that great.
  • Early wake ups (6am) and late nights (3am). No time to be jet lag.

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