Eat Your Way Through Barcelona

Travelling isn’t just about what you see, it’s also about what you eat.

If you are travelling to Barcelona, you will have so much to see you will forget to sit down and enjoy a meal. At least that’s what happens to me when I’m overwhelmed with the amount of beautiful things I can see in a short time.

I’m here to remind you of some of the must have foods you need to try on your trip to Barcelona, Spain.


This famous dish is to die for and you can savour it pretty much at any paella-1167973_640restaurant. That’s how popular of a dish it is.

This delicious rice recipe is, well, delicious. Each restaurant does its own take on it and offers 3-5 different versions. The traditional version – at least the one I grew up with – is made of rice, some chicken and a crap ton of seafood.

Sounds simple. But what makes it a paella is the saffron spice added to the rice and the method of cooking –  carbon steel paella pan.

Pair your Paella with Sangria.

sangria-2779570_640Now this can be a hit or miss situation. So I suggest you try it at every place. You can’t go wrong Sangria tasting your way through Barcelona.


Looking for a must try dessert or even breakfast? Churros are the perfect deep-fried treat for you. They are usually served with a cup of melted chocolate to dip them into.

Pair it with a cup of coffee for a delicious experience.

Food Tips:

When searching for a restaurant, the further you wonder away from major monuments the better. For example, if you are near La Sagrada Familia, wonder down one of the side streets to find an inexpensive, but delicious paella dish.

IMG_6084Have a delicious and affordable breakfast at La Pedrera. Why? You get a lot for a little – both food and views. You get to see a bit of Guaidi’s architecture without having to spend a lot of $.

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