d552cf1886e8e26c79b91952d044c16fWelcome to my adventures. The world is too small to not know what is out there.

I’m not rich – but I have high hopes – and I have been able to travel to over 13 countries.

I’m 26, trying to figure out if being an adult is for me, and have a full-time job, plus a million other commitments. My point? If you have  a passion for something there is nothing stopping you from doing it but yourself.

My passion is travelling and reporting. So this blog will do just that. I’m here to share my stories and hopefully make your trip planning easier. My posts will share my experiences and tips of places I have visited.

Please feel free to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Enjoy the read 

Contact me: abpautassi@gmail.com

More about me: I have an advance diploma in journalism print and broadcast and a bachelor’s of art in communication. I  am currently a marketing coordinator for a marketing agency in Toronto, I have freelanced for Channel 12 CHEX TV in Oshawa and have done many internships in the field of journalism. Oh, and I used to model and act when I was in my mid teens – and spent my earning on travelling. 

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