2016 was a year filled with travel and I have been completely forgetting to share my experience. How rude!

I have been to Jamaica, Greece and Spain. All places I’ve never explored before and they are all beautiful.

Today I am going to tell you about my experience in Jamaica. It is a place I never thought about visiting for a few reasons. 1) It is one of the more expensive places in the Caribbean 2) negative comments about safety 3) ignorance. So when my boyfriend and I were invited to go to a weeding in Jamaica, we couldn’t say no.

Don’t regret my decision AT ALL.

What a beautiful place, with great people who call it home. There was not one local that wasn’t friendly to us. I didn’t leave the resort so only got a small glimpse of what the people and country is like but it was great none the less. I’ve been to Dominican Republic and had security armed with rifles patrolling the beach, so this was definitely a calmer feel.

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New Year’s in the Heat

Free all you can eat and drink, dancing every night, staying up as late as you want, sleeping in everyday, nightly live entertainment, no responsibilities, no worries, complete relaxation. These are just some of the reasons why you should spend at least one New Year’s at an all inclusive resort. The best part? It’s not a one night celebration, the party goes on all week.

I was lucky enough to spend New Year’s at the Moon Palace resort in Cancun Mexico. Thanks to my part-time job I was able to go for free 🙂 It was AMAZING!

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Panama City – Seven Wonders of the Industrial World

This wasn’t necessarily a trip. It was a very long stopover from one of my trips to Argentina. The airline Copa had created this new route to Argentina that avoided a stopover in the USA and it was cheaper than any other airline (for this trip). The catch? Either on the way there or on the way back you have a stopover in Panama City for about 9-12 hours.  They do this so that you have no choice but to leave the airport and invest in their economy. Very smart. Continue reading “Panama City – Seven Wonders of the Industrial World”

Reading Week in Cuba

Have you ever met someone and though to yourself: “Yup, we are going to be best friends?” If you have, it’s a pretty amazing connection and it happens so effortlessly that you don’t realize you crossed the line from strangers to friends.

I was lucky enough to have this connection with two of my friends from college, which lead to a reading week trip to Varadero, Cuba after having known each other for only a year. Continue reading “Reading Week in Cuba”