Shop without leaving your car

Plazas throughout Ontario have become part of Smart Centres. You may have noticed them by the Penguin statues located at the entrance of the plaza. Some of these plazas are part of Penguin pick-up.

You can now shop online and pick up your purchase without getting out of your car. In an attempt to lure online shoppers back to the store, penguin pick-up has partner with retailers to accommodate customers and stores. Continue reading “Shop without leaving your car”

The Uses of Botox : Cosmetic and Medical

Celebrities are frequently in the spotlight for looking younger than their age. Working out and eating properly help maintain a good life style, but sometimes it is just not enough. Wrinkles still appear despite staying healthy. Getting plastic surgery is an option but people have been turning to a less extreme solution to look younger, Botox.

Wrinkles are the number one sign of ageing. Creams are sold and advertised as the best way to get rid of them, but the growing popularity of Botox can temporarily erase wrinkles. Just like any other product Botox contains benefits and risks. Continue reading “The Uses of Botox : Cosmetic and Medical”

Rain Continues in Affected Areas of Argentina

Cordoba is still under a weather alert issued by the National Weather Service (Servicio Meteorológico Nacional). Residents are being ask to refrain from returning to their homes specially if their houses or shops were affected by the Sunday storm.

The damage continues to be assed and cleaned up. Residents who were not affected by the storm have taken it upon themselves to help those whose house were destroyed. Continue reading “Rain Continues in Affected Areas of Argentina”

Flooding in Cordoba, Argentina

Seven people have been found dead and many are still evacuated from their homes. Search for missing people is still underway as the clean up continues from the storm that flooded most of the Sierras Chicas of Cordoba, Argentina.


Cordoba received 110 mm of rain, the airport area 190 mm and the Sierras Chicas received 300 mm, said governor of Cordoba, Jose Manuel de la Sota to the local newspaper La Voz del Interior. Continue reading “Flooding in Cordoba, Argentina”