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What You Need to Know: Planning a Trip to Peru

My next adventure is taking me to South America. This will be the first time travelling to Latin America for pleasure and not to see family.

If you want to explore a new place without having to think too much about  what to see and not see, I recommend using a tour.  It is the easiest way to plan a tour – book a flight and show up. Contiki, G Adventures, Intrepid Travel and  are all great companies to book a tour with – I’ve heard great feedback from all. They offer a variety of tours based on countries and length of the trip. Personally, I have used Contiki  for a Europe tour and it was a great experience.

So, where to even start if you aren’t going with a tour company?

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History overload!

If you are an architect, Barcelona is your heaven. There isn’t a street you can walk down that won’t wow you. Every single thing is designed – including the streetlights.

Talk about the “IT” place for a studying architecture. Everything needed to be designed. And the person who thrived in this was Gaudi – but more on this genius later.

Barcelona was the last location on my 2016 Europe Trip – and it was definitely an amazing way to end the adventure. We flew in from Santorini through Iberia Airlines; our hotel was ideally located in the middle of all the beauty. So as we emerged from the subway with all our suitcases, we started giggling. A strange reaction but it was so surreal to come out from underground to this interlocked sidewalk and be visually struck by this beautiful Gaudi building – Casa Batllo.

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Lucerne, Switzerland

The country everyone mentions when describing neutral, is nothing but unique in all aspects of the word. Vibrant colours cover every square inch on the town of Lucerne, Switzerland. Mountains decorating the sky with their snowy peeks seem both eternally far away and close all at the same time. It’s just something you have to see in person.198631_10151658250477631_340533302_n

I call Switzerland one of my random countries, because it never crossed my mind to visit the undeceive country. You know when you hear about things in the media or read about it, and its not that you don’t like what you see or want to see it yourself, but it just seems like a distant idea in the far future. That’s what Switzerland was like to me.

If you want to see a substantial amount of places on a limited time and budget, doing a tour is ideal. Switzerland was one of the Seven (7) destinations on my Contiki tour. Strictly because my friend convinced me to do this particular tour was the only reason I ended up seeing such a beautiful place.

Two (2) things I will never forget about Lucerne:

  1. The hotel we stayed at
  2. The bridge

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Picture Perfect Mykonos

So as I mentioned in my Jamaica Blog, I did a lot of travelling in 2016 including a fabulous trip to Greece. It is a beautiful place that everyone should go explore even if it is to take 1 picture. You will not regret it.

Our trip started in Athens and then we made our way via fairy to the islands. Our first stop was Mykonos. Now I’m not sure if it was my absolute favourite destination because it was the first or just truly because it is so picturesque.

I don’t think I’m doing it justice so here is a picture.

Mykonos, Greece, Vacation

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The City That Wasn’t Built In A Day – Rome

I don’t even know where to start. My heart is torn between Rome and Paris. Both are breathtaking places that are just too hard to describe in words.

I’ve heard the expression “Rome wasn’t built in a day” many times… And it is a very accurate statement. Whenever I heard this saying my mind would wonder to the Colosseum… but that’s only 1 monument Rome has contributed to the world. And they are ALL astounding. And they definitely were not built in a day.

I think the reason behind my admiration for Rome stems from423900_10151658202987631_740763560_n an experience I have never encountered anywhere else. I had my breath taken away. Not just one but twice.

The first time was at the Trevi Fountain. Imagine God like statues (both for looks and size) adorning the back of this massive building in the middle of nowhere.
I don’t know if you understand this, the fountain is the entire back side of a 3 STORY BUILDING – 84 feet tall.

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2016 was a year filled with travel and I have been completely forgetting to share my experience. How rude!

I have been to Jamaica, Greece and Spain. All places I’ve never explored before and they are all beautiful.

Today I am going to tell you about my experience in Jamaica. It is a place I never thought about visiting for a few reasons. 1) It is one of the more expensive places in the Caribbean 2) negative comments about safety 3) ignorance. So when my boyfriend and I were invited to go to a weeding in Jamaica, we couldn’t say no.

Don’t regret my decision AT ALL.

What a beautiful place, with great people who call it home. There was not one local that wasn’t friendly to us. I didn’t leave the resort so only got a small glimpse of what the people and country is like but it was great none the less. I’ve been to Dominican Republic and had security armed with rifles patrolling the beach, so this was definitely a calmer feel.

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