How I Started 2017: Realizing I’m Closer to 30

It is currently 1pm on January 1, 2017 and I can’t help but reflect on how different it is to spend new years outside of your “home” country.

I decided to finish 2016 in Argentina visiting my family that I have not seen in 2 and ½ years. It is and was a great idea.

For those who have never spent the holidays in a Latin American country here is some key information to prepare you:

  1. You will be sweating all day on December 31st as if it truly were the last day on Earth. It reached 40 degrees Celsius in Cordoba Argentina – plus thermal sensation.
  2. You will need to take a siesta to keep up with the locals
  3. You will not be having dinner before 10pm
  4. You will be spending the first hour of the new year (i.e. from 12pm to 1am) with family ringing in the new year
  5. You will gather all the energy you gained in your siesta to go out with friends at 2:30am
  6. You will not get home until after 5 in the morning

If this sounds like a great time to you – which it is – then you need to plan new years in the south.

Here is a run down of my last day in 2016 and my first day of 2017:

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I have traveled to Argentina probably 10 times – aside from having lived there for the first 8 years of my life. But despite all my time spent there, I can’t find a way to describe my experience. It is very different than going to a country for the first time. I don’t get off the airplane and get filled with excitement to explore a new place, I get excited to spend two to three weeks with family.

I have never experienced Argentina as a tourist. So I think the best way to show you what Argentina – in this case Córdoba – looks like is through pictures. Continue reading “Argentina”

Rain Continues in Affected Areas of Argentina

Cordoba is still under a weather alert issued by the National Weather Service (Servicio Meteorológico Nacional). Residents are being ask to refrain from returning to their homes specially if their houses or shops were affected by the Sunday storm.

The damage continues to be assed and cleaned up. Residents who were not affected by the storm have taken it upon themselves to help those whose house were destroyed. Continue reading “Rain Continues in Affected Areas of Argentina”

Flooding in Cordoba, Argentina

Seven people have been found dead and many are still evacuated from their homes. Search for missing people is still underway as the clean up continues from the storm that flooded most of the Sierras Chicas of Cordoba, Argentina.


Cordoba received 110 mm of rain, the airport area 190 mm and the Sierras Chicas received 300 mm, said governor of Cordoba, Jose Manuel de la Sota to the local newspaper La Voz del Interior. Continue reading “Flooding in Cordoba, Argentina”