5 Reasons to Use a Tour Company for Your First European Adventure

Dreaming of a trip to Europe? Not sure how to get started on planning your trip? No worries, there’s not much to think about beyond packing if you do your trip with a tour company.

I won’t lie that it’s a pricy option, but if you have pinned locations all over Europe to your Pinterest board, then this will be the simplest and cheapest way to make your dreams a reality.

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The City That Wasn’t Built In A Day – Rome

I don’t even know where to start. My heart is torn between Rome and Paris. Both are breathtaking places that are just too hard to describe in words.

I’ve heard the expression “Rome wasn’t built in a day” many times… And it is a very accurate statement. Whenever I heard this saying my mind would wonder to the Colosseum… but that’s only 1 monument Rome has contributed to the world. And they are ALL astounding. And they definitely were not built in a day.

I think the reason behind my admiration for Rome stems from423900_10151658202987631_740763560_n an experience I have never encountered anywhere else. I had my breath taken away. Not just one but twice.

The first time was at the Trevi Fountain. Imagine God like statues (both for looks and size) adorning the back of this massive building in the middle of nowhere.
I don’t know if you understand this, the fountain is the entire back side of a 3 STORY BUILDING – 84 feet tall.

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Pisa is one of those places you just go there to see that main touristic building and then you move on. In 2009, on my high school trip we visited Pisa. We were probably there for a total of 3 hours. It was a stop on our way to another city and it was more time than needed.

As soon as we got there we had to push our way among a huge crowd of tourists. You cross a gate and to the left hand side is the church to which the bell tower (Leaning Tower of Pisa) belongs to. On the right hand side of the walkway are a whole bunch of vendors selling you everything and anything.

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