4 Tips for Travelling Solo

I was determined to spend my birthday this year in Paris. Preferably with friends, but none of the 10 people I invited could come. I know, LAME!IMG_0425

So I ended up doing a solo trip to Paris. Was it an amazing time? Yes. Would I do it again? I don’t know. I personally enjoy having people to share experiences with. Am I glad I did it? Yes.

If you are planning a solo trip and don’t want to be the lead role in your own remake of the movie Taken, here is some advice to keep in mind.

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The World Lights up Blue, White and Red

With the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris it really  made me think of my time travelling there. If you know anything about me is how in love I am with Paris – although my time there only consisted of 3 days spread across two trips. My room alone has a headboard I made with a poster of the Eiffel Tower, a candle shaped with the Eiffel tower, chairs covered with a Paris design, pictures of my time in the city of lights and I even have a France notebook I am saving for the next time I go…. It’s an obsession.

“I cannot tell you what an impression Paris made upon me. It is the most extraordinary place in the world”
– Charles Dickens

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Paris is ALWAYS a Good Idea

Paris is always a good ideaAudrey Hepburn knew exactly what she was talking about when she said “Paris is always a good idea.”

If romance could be described by a city it would be Paris. It is truly breathtaking, And at night with all the lights on it’s magical. It’s like being in a movie. I am obsessed with everything this wonderful city has to offer. 

I first fell in love with Paris in 2009 on a high school 10 day trip to Italy and France. This was my first time travelling to Europe so I had high expectations – and they were all met.

I was taking a history class where we learned a lot about Paris which really took the experience of the trip to a whole new level. Being there was like living history.  So I recommend you learn a little about every place you visit in Europe because there is so much history it will shock you – and make your experience 100 times better.

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