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What You Need to Know: Planning a Trip to Peru

My next adventure is taking me to South America. This will be the first time travelling to Latin America for pleasure and not to see family.

If you want to explore a new place without having to think too much about  what to see and not see, I recommend using a tour.  It is the easiest way to plan a tour – book a flight and show up. Contiki, G Adventures, Intrepid Travel and  are all great companies to book a tour with – I’ve heard great feedback from all. They offer a variety of tours based on countries and length of the trip. Personally, I have used Contiki  for a Europe tour and it was a great experience.

So, where to even start if you aren’t going with a tour company?

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Panama City – Seven Wonders of the Industrial World

This wasn’t necessarily a trip. It was a very long stopover from one of my trips to Argentina. The airline Copa had created this new route to Argentina that avoided a stopover in the USA and it was cheaper than any other airline (for this trip). The catch? Either on the way there or on the way back you have a stopover in Panama City for about 9-12 hours.  They do this so that you have no choice but to leave the airport and invest in their economy. Very smart. Continue reading “Panama City – Seven Wonders of the Industrial World”

The Mayan Ruins: Coba

It’s unbelievable to stand in front of a monument that is thousands of years old. Were the Mayans robots? I am baffled imagining these people with basic tools building such ginormous buildings in such a way that they have been able to withstand hundreds of years.

On my recent visit to Cancun I took a day trip with some friends to see one of the many Mayan ruins. There were about three excursions we could choose to see different sites. We chose Coba as it was the only one out of the three were you have the opportunity to climb to the top of one of the temples. The Chichen Itza ruins are one of the new seven wonders of the world, which is why you can’t climb any of the temples there. Continue reading “The Mayan Ruins: Coba”