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Lucerne, Switzerland

The country everyone mentions when describing neutral, is nothing but unique in all aspects of the word. Vibrant colours cover every square inch on the town of Lucerne, Switzerland. Mountains decorating the sky with their snowy peeks seem both eternally far away and close all at the same time. It’s just something you have to see in person.198631_10151658250477631_340533302_n

I call Switzerland one of my random countries, because it never crossed my mind to visit the undeceive country. You know when you hear about things in the media or read about it, and its not that you don’t like what you see or want to see it yourself, but it just seems like a distant idea in the far future. That’s what Switzerland was like to me.

If you want to see a substantial amount of places on a limited time and budget, doing a tour is ideal. Switzerland was one of the Seven (7) destinations on my Contiki tour. Strictly because my friend convinced me to do this particular tour was the only reason I ended up seeing such a beautiful place.

Two (2) things I will never forget about Lucerne:

  1. The hotel we stayed at
  2. The bridge

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