Essential Travel Items Everyone Forgets

Whenever I have travelled I’ve noticed there are always some essentials I forget. It’s the random things you don’t think about until you are already enjoying your vacation. And now that we are at home with nothing to do but plan our trips months in advance add these to your packing list: 1. Bug Spray. … Continue reading Essential Travel Items Everyone Forgets

Tips for Surviving a Fast Paced Tour

I recently gave you my reasons why you should do your first adventure to Europe with a travel company, and if you read it then you need to know how to survive it. Regardless of having these tips or not, it is an amazing experience. BUT I think it would of been smoother the first … Continue reading Tips for Surviving a Fast Paced Tour

5 Reasons to Use a Tour Company for Your First European Adventure

Dreaming of a trip to Europe? Not sure how to get started on planning your trip? No worries, there's not much to think about beyond packing if you do your trip with a tour company. I won't lie that it's a pricy option, but if you have pinned locations all over Europe to your Pinterest … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Use a Tour Company for Your First European Adventure

4 Things To Do in Minca Colombia

When I was in Cartagena I stumbled onto this town called Minca. I use the word stumble loosely as this place was 5 hours away from the city of Cartagena. But I only heard about it from another backpacker. Anyways, it is a small mountain town. Or as I refer to it a hippy town. … Continue reading 4 Things To Do in Minca Colombia

12km Walk Under the Boiling Sun – Santorini Style

Have you heard about the 12km walk in Santorini? No? Well prior to asphalt roads being built, the two main cities (Thira and Oia) of Santorini were travelled to and from along the top of the coast. The path, as you may have guessed, is 12km long. If you have the time, I suggest you walk … Continue reading 12km Walk Under the Boiling Sun – Santorini Style

Cartagena – The New “IT” Place

Colombia has risen to the top of people's travel bucket list - and for good reason. It is a beautiful country that is clawing itself out of it's bad reputation. You say Colombia, and people automatically think cocaine capital of the world. For a while, this was true. However, now a days the government has started … Continue reading Cartagena – The New “IT” Place

La Tomatina: What to Expect

Planning to go to Spain for La Tomatina? Here are some things you should know before you go get tomatoes thrown at your face. La Tomatina takes place at the end of August (varying every year), for a celebration that no one really knows why it started. Speculation is that the village people got angry … Continue reading La Tomatina: What to Expect

Packing for a Trek to Machu Picchu

I was under the impression that bringing a few layers of clothing would be more than enough to trek to Machu Picchu for four days. Well… turns out I was mistaken. I ended up wearing ever piece of clothing I had in order to stay warm. So please read this blog, and don’t make the … Continue reading Packing for a Trek to Machu Picchu

4 Tips for Travelling Solo

I was determined to spend my birthday this year in Paris. Preferably with friends, but none of the 10 people I invited could come. I know, LAME! So I ended up doing a solo trip to Paris. Was it an amazing time? Yes. Would I do it again? I don’t know. I personally enjoy having … Continue reading 4 Tips for Travelling Solo

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The City That Wasn’t Built In A Day – Rome

I don't even know where to start. My heart is torn between Rome and Paris. Both are breathtaking places that are just too hard to describe in words. I've heard the expression "Rome wasn't built in a day" many times... And it is a very accurate statement. Whenever I heard this saying my mind would … Continue reading The City That Wasn’t Built In A Day – Rome