Cranberry Scone Recipe

Since I am unable to travel, I decided to create the feeling of being in England by making cranberry scones. Although it’s not the same as travelling, it filled the void for a bit. Ingredients: 2 cups all-purpose flour1/3 cup granulated sugar1 tablespoon baking powder1/2 teaspoon salt6 tablespoons (85 grams) butter1/2 cup heavy whipping cream1 … Continue reading Cranberry Scone Recipe

Essential Travel Items Everyone Forgets

Whenever I have travelled I’ve noticed there are always some essentials I forget. It’s the random things you don’t think about until you are already enjoying your vacation. And now that we are at home with nothing to do but plan our trips months in advance add these to your packing list: 1. Bug Spray. … Continue reading Essential Travel Items Everyone Forgets

Tips for Surviving a Fast Paced Tour

I recently gave you my reasons why you should do your first adventure to Europe with a travel company, and if you read it then you need to know how to survive it. Regardless of having these tips or not, it is an amazing experience. BUT I think it would of been smoother the first … Continue reading Tips for Surviving a Fast Paced Tour

Easy shrimp pasta with a twist

Make a semi quick shrimp spaghetti pasta with delisious garlic shrimp. Wondering what the twist is? Spinach and tomato with balsamic. DELICIOUS. So let's get to it: 2 lbs of shrimp2 tablespoon of garlic1 tablespoon of parsley1 lemon1 tablespoon of paprikaSalt and PepperSpinach2-3 tomatoes2 tablespoons of butter1/2 cup of parmesan cheese Now that we got … Continue reading Easy shrimp pasta with a twist

Eat Your Way Through Barcelona

Travelling isn't just about what you see, it's also about what you eat. If you are travelling to Barcelona, you will have so much to see you will forget to sit down and enjoy a meal. At least that's what happens to me when I'm overwhelmed with the amount of beautiful things I can see … Continue reading Eat Your Way Through Barcelona

5 Reasons to Use a Tour Company for Your First European Adventure

Dreaming of a trip to Europe? Not sure how to get started on planning your trip? No worries, there's not much to think about beyond packing if you do your trip with a tour company. I won't lie that it's a pricy option, but if you have pinned locations all over Europe to your Pinterest … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Use a Tour Company for Your First European Adventure

4 Things To Do in Minca Colombia

When I was in Cartagena I stumbled onto this town called Minca. I use the word stumble loosely as this place was 5 hours away from the city of Cartagena. But I only heard about it from another backpacker. Anyways, it is a small mountain town. Or as I refer to it a hippy town. … Continue reading 4 Things To Do in Minca Colombia

12km Walk Under the Boiling Sun – Santorini Style

Have you heard about the 12km walk in Santorini? No? Well prior to asphalt roads being built, the two main cities (Thira and Oia) of Santorini were travelled to and from along the top of the coast. The path, as you may have guessed, is 12km long. If you have the time, I suggest you walk … Continue reading 12km Walk Under the Boiling Sun – Santorini Style